Star Wars: Requiem

Thyferrian Bacta Crisis Part Three


A comm link is quickly looted from the corpse of a dead enemy sergeant, allowing the group to have a better idea of what is coming for them.
Rhel Reytal positions his fire teams into flanking positions before proceeding forward. He is spotted by an enemy squad and chased as he retreats. The trap is sprung, and all but one of the enemy squad is killed before they even realize what is happening.
Arcturus Halcyon convinces the last man standing to lay down his weapon in exchange for his life. The man agrees, putting his rifle on the ground.
The group questions him about the base they are assaulting and the others in the area. The man cooperates, explaining that outlying bases, like the one he was defending, have not received better equipment. Only a couple of dedicated squads for defense and several squads that patrol between different production facilities. The larger facilities, on the other hand, have much denser fortifications and plenty of munitions to repel attacks without resupply for days.
The crew decides to attempt to recruit the troop. After a short discussion in which the many simply questions their part in the conflict, he receives an answer he finds satisfactory. It doesn’t take long for Korbin Vex to discover that the new member of their crew has an interest in piloting. Without any opposition, he takes him into his squad, intending to get a new starfighter provided the rookie survives long enough.
Rhel manages to spot another enemy squad. He calls out to them for help. They approach, somewhat skeptical, but willing to comply.
Rhel throws a grenade into the middle of the group. Three of the squad are downed instantly and the SL is picked off by precise fire immediately after the explosion.
Arcturus demands that the last three ‘surrender or die’. They immediately turn tail and run away.
Arcturus spots another group. He quickly scoops up one of the downed enemy sergeants – a tough feat to find one in a single piece – and stumbles towards the squad, calling out for medical assistance.
The squads fire teams set up a near-side perimeter while the sergeant approaches Arcturus. His fingers feel for a pulse on the neck of his downed comrade. He looks at Arcturus quizzically and says “He doesn’t have a pulse” immediately before a blaster bolt finds his forehead.
Falchion and Maximillian von Graff come out of their cover and finish of the rest of the squad before they can get more than a couple of shots off.



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