Rhel Reytal

Played by Michael


Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 30
Height: 5’9"
Build: Lean
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue


“So, you want to hear a little bit about my life, my legacy I guess you could call it. I only say that because I inherited most of my skills from my father. He was a rather intelligent man, he went to a well established academy on Coruscant, where we are from, and received a degree as an architect and engineer. Civilian life was too slow for him though so he joined the Republic’s army, before all that clone business, as a combat engineer. He did his work well; he built bridges, then blew them up. Truth be told, he never really saw too much action, especially after the Clone Wars started up. He got promoted to an officer now that they could build the grunts for the war and that didn’t sit too well with him.
“But I digress, you are probably more interested in me. Well, I was raised on Coruscant during the times of the Republic. But by the time I was ten, the Clone Wars had begun and ended and the Galactic Empire had risen to power. When I was old enough, I went to the same academy as my father, also getting degrees as an architect and engineer. Like my father I had an itch that I couldn’t shake with all the time spent in drafting rooms and on construction sites. Eventually this drew me to the Imperial Army. They put me through ordnance training, and with my talents as an architect, I could just feel where to put a block of detpack to bring an entire building down in a matter of seconds.
“While that helped with the adventure I craved, the rigid formality of the army was too stifling so I decided to ply my new trade on the open market. I trained with some mercenaries, small planetary militias, even criminal organizations. Those were the good days, and I know, cause let me tell you, most people in my line of work don’t walk away from bad days. And that right there is probably the juiciest meat of my story, cause while it has given me a hell of a lot of trouble, I was lucky enough to walk away from my bad day at work.
“Eventually, my name got around in some higher circles, not Hutt crime boss high, but I was contacted by a bounty hunter named Bradan Lockshi. He had been hired to bring in a white collar thief who had been skimming credits from his boss. He had done a lot of the work to find the mark. He tracked him down to one of the corporate offices of the client, Hughmal Caymin. The plan was simple, he wanted me to plant a small explosive in his personal belongings that we could detonate to disable his vehicle after he left the building and got away from civilians. I made the switch fine and everything was going well, but things went bad very quickly. On the way out of the building, the security scan caused the detonator to malfunction and the detonite activated early. To make matters worse, the major power junction for the building was located the lobby and the explosion damaged it causing a chain reaction that destroyed several floors of the building.
“I managed to get out of the building, burning my arm pretty bad in the process, but that one mistake has haunted me since. Lockshi, per Bounty Hunter Guild regulations, took full responsibility because it was his hunt, and as a result lost his license. He blames me and has been looking for me ever since. He caught up to me once or twice and has tried to force me to do jobs with him in order to rebuild his reputation, but so far to no avail. Caymin, however was not as forgiving. The damage to the building cost hundreds of thousands of credits worth of damage, not to mention lost revenue, and he also holds me personally accountable for it.
“And now I am on the run. Captain Solaris has deemed my skills worthy of employ, I guess large explosions are quite a boon to a merc captains line of work. I not nearly as idealistic as the captain. I don’t necessarily hate the Empire or love them, so if the captain thinks hitting their coffers is what we need to do, I am fine with that. Working for him keeps me moving and gets me a fairly steady paycheck and supplies. One final piece of advice, if you are going to be working with me. If I say “Fire in the hole” you had better take cover. I can work miracles with detonite and baradium, but sometimes physics can’t be stopped and I may not be able to pull your boots out of the fire.”
-Conversation between Rhel and a squad of mercenaries

Rhel Reytal

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