Maximillian von Graff

Played by Robert


Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 37
Height: 5’8"
Build: Lean/Muscular
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Gray


Maximillian von Graff served three tours with Imperial Army. With the rise of the prestige of the Stormtrooper Corp, careers in the Army started to stagnate. Coupled with orders that required increasing brutality to civilian populaces, Maximus took the opportunity to muster out of the Army after his last tour.
Uncertain what to do as a civilian, he tried his hand at being an entrepreneur. Unfortunately for him, his instinct as a soldier didn’t translate into business. Three spectacularly failed business plans later, he is up to his eyeballs in debt to several different banks, and other less savory organizations.
Unwilling to re-enlist in the Imperial Army, Maximus became a mercenary, using his combat skills to earn a few credits. A few months ago he joined the ship of Captain Jaster Solaris.

Maximillian von Graff

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