Star Wars: Requiem

Welcome to Absolution

“Whoever you were before might as well be dead. For some of you, that is pretty close to the truth.
“Aboard this ship, we have those who were born to lead and those who were given no other choice. Some who dragged themselves out of the gutters and others who fell into our midst from greater heights.
“Who you were does not matter. I don’t care about your past sins or who you slighted, who wants your head or who may come trying to collect on debts.
“Aboard this ship, as a part of this crew, you are absolved. Nothing you have done matters. Because once we drop out of hyperspace and hit that dirt – once those blasters start firing – all that matters is who you are and that who you are has their head where it belongs.
“Whether you’re a pilot or a commander or a grunt; aboard this ship, you have all been given another chance. Don’t screw it up.”
- Captain Jaster Solaris in an address to the ship, Absolution



Jason_Gilbertson Jason_Gilbertson

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