Star Wars: Requiem

Thyferrian Bacta Crisis Part Two


Korbin Vex and his squad manage to take down the group keeping them pinned before shifting their position to open up a way to the rest of the crew, opening fire on another squad’s flank.
Maximillian von Graff and his group hold his side of the conflict with only Max sustaining an injury that put him down for a time. They manage to hold their position until help joins them.
Rhel Reytal gets shuttled onto the field, moving quickly towards the conflict. He and his squad manage to catch an enemy group by surprise and assist in quickly dispatching of the force keeping Korbin and his group isolated from the rest of the crew.
Falchion presses her assault and manages to shift the focus of the battle to only two sides after downing another squad and sergeant. However, one of her squad misses a shot and manages to hit one of Max’s troops.
As soon as the field opens, Korbin rushes along the south of the conflict and attempts to distract the survivors of one of the enemy squads in order to open them up to fire from Max and Rhel along with their troops. The ploy works and the last of the enemies are downed without issue.
The crew take a moment to breath and provide medical attention to the wounded before they set out again, intent on not getting pinned up in such a situation again.



Jason_Gilbertson Jason_Gilbertson

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