Star Wars: Requiem

Thyferrian Bacta Crisis Part One


The Absolution drops out of hyperspace at the edge of the Thyferrian system.  Captain Jaster Solaris responds to the hailing signal from the planet, confirming the ships identity and mission to the private signal.  The ships systems act to keep its signal from being detected without permission granted from the bridge.
The Absolution lands on the planets surface within a compound.  Personnel swarm about, moving crates and objects about the base in preparation.  There is a feeling of suppressed energy about the base, like the gas in a blaster just before it ignites.
Captain Solaris leads a small group of upper-personnel into a large building. Introductions are made between the crew of the Absolution and the contact, a human named Xucphra.  He explains to everyone the situation.
Several years ago, a political coupe ended the hold on the bacta market that had once been held by Xucphra and his partner, Zaltin.  Over the years, a rift had formed between the two and Zaltin had split off.  It was Zaltin who led the faction that had gained control of the bacta trade.  Now, Xucphra feels that he is in a position to take back control of the fields and production facilities.
Arrangements are made for the ground forces of the Absolution to be shuttled out to the first facility on the contract. They get put down a ways south of the compound, nearby the Alazhi fields.
The squads proceeded north, towards the compound. Heavy fog cover makes sight beyond 50 feet difficult at best. As such, it isn’t hard for a group to seemingly appear out of nowhere not far from them.
Taking the lead, Arcturus Halcyon approaches the squad leader and claims to be reinforcements against an impending attack. The squad leader, who introduces himself as Sergeant Brannon, seems confused and claims he never received such an order, but allows them to pass and directs them towards the compound before returning to his rounds, a second squad appearing and disappearing just as quickly.
The crew is able to pass another squad on patrol just as quickly, referencing the previous sergeant. Before they can get far, another squad leader approaches, the man she was talking to backing off a ways and seeming to speak to himself.
She doesn’t buy the bluff. She steps forward threateningly, her squad picking up on her mood, as she asks who they are once again.
The crew is able to just make out a comm crackling from the squad in front of them before rifles are raised and aimed at them. She states clearly that there is a kill-on-sight order with no exceptions and that she is giving them one minute to comply.
Within an instant, weapons are unholstered and fire breaks out as everyone begins to move for cover and to set up a cover.
The crew finds themselves facing off against four squads, covering all sides. Korbin Vex ends up pinned down on the other side of a growth field, part of a squad keeping him pinned down on one side and the proximity of another keeping him from moving back. During the engagement, one of his fellow crew makes a snide remark about his squad being unable to hit anything. He yells back, “I’m not the moron that decided to try and walk my entire frelling crew into the gundarks den! Haven’t you monkey lizards ever heard of mission planning?! I didn’t even get a recon flight; we walked in with NO intel!” His squad takes a fair amount of damage, but manages to break the supressing fire before losing anyone.
Falchion and her squad find themselves in an open stretch and without cover. They pick off a number of enemies quickly and break through on one side. Falchion closes with another squad leader and pulls her Vibrosword while her squad splits up and supports two other flanks.
Maximillian von Graff orders his squad to cover, holding a flank alone. They pin down an enemy squad, keeping them from pressing in on the rest of the crew.
Arcturus and his squad get pinned against the growth field, nothing but air between them and the squad to their south. With only mild injury, they put down most of the squad and and almost open that side of the conflict.



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