Star Wars: Requiem

Thyferrian Bacta Crisis Part Four


Maximillian von Graff activates the comlink that had been previously looted and asks who is on the frequency. A crackles voice responds, coming in clearly with the question ‘What is your location?’.
Max informs the voice that he and thirty-four crew of the Absolution are outside of their facility. He states that they are willing to allow everyone inside a chance to surrender and survive, but will not hesitate to kill everyone inside of the walls if necessary.
The voice replies with a simple ‘Eat bantha shit’, then proceeds to inform the crew that they have exactly one minute before reinforcements arrive.
“‘Exactly one minute’?” Korbin Vex mutters, appearing amused. “Oddly specific. Guess they spent all their training on timing drills instead of actual, you know, combat training.”
Max shakes his head before reactivating the com. “It is unfortunate that you have committed your men to death,” he says. The comlink crackles as the connection is broken.
Falchion orders her squad forward, coming around the corner of the walled facility and finding a squad of enemies stationed at the door. She and her fireteams open fire on the enemy squad immediately, putting several of them down.
Max sends his squad around Falchions. One of his fireteams shoots the awning over the enemy squad, dropping the heavy canvas and knocking the enemy of their feat.
Rhel Reytal and Arcturus Halcyon put their squads behind cover as the remaining enemies extricate themselves from the canvas. They open fire on the squad and put down all but the squads sergeant.
Falchion charges the squad leader, pulling her vibrosword from her hip. Her squad opens fire on the sergeant as she moves, putting him down hard.
She puts the humming blade near the mans throat as Arcturus brings him back to consciousness. Arcturus offers the sergeant the opportunity to survive if he agrees to open the door.
The man spits at Arcturus and says, “Off-worlders have no business in our affairs. This day or another, you will meet your own fate.”
Arcturus drops his head as he stands up, getting clear of the blood spray as Falchion relieves the man of his head.
Korbin approaches Arcturus, his eyebrows cocked slightly. “Why do you think he spit on you?”
Arcturus shrugs, wiping off the spittle with a gloved hand. “Beats me. Maybe Trandoshan gonorrhea?”
Rhel rolls his eyes as he approaches the hololock between the vehicle sized shield doors barring their entrance. Within seconds, he pulls a recently used code input into the door. As soon as everyone has positioned themselves, he punches in the code, opening both shield doors into the compound.
An enemy squad opens fire on them from nearby to their south. They both miss as they start running for cover, their surprise at the ease of entry made by the crew evident.
Falchion throws the recently severed head into the fray, causing the already fleeing squad to fall prone and drop their weapons as they do so. Her squad opens fire on them, halving their numbers instantly.
Max orders his squad to begin moving through the same door, pushing straight up the center. One of his fireteams spots on enemy and opens fire on them.
Arcturus comes in behind Falchion and finishes off the enemy squad before they can recover and get behind equipment.
A squad positioned within much of the machinery near the center of the compound advances and opens fire on Arcturus and his squad.
Rhel moves through the other doorway, pushing to the north. He orders his squad to attempt to cover Max as he pushes towards the office structures at the north end of the facility.
The center squad opens fire on Arcturus again, putting him down with accurate fire. His squad pushes up on him, his medics quickly getting him on his feet.
“Thanks for picking me up, ladies,” he grunts, picking up his rifle as he shakes his head clear. “They knocked the wind out of me for sure.”
“A sucking chest wound is natures way of telling you to duck better,” Max retorts while pushing into the facility to cover Arcturus’ flank.
Rhel and his squad hit the northernmost part of the courtyard. His fireteams set up cover surrounding him as he pulls off his bag, rifling through it. “Rykk squad, hand me that power cell. Sirens, I need a can of your hair spray,” he says to his fire teams, taking the requested items and rigging them together into a makeshift explosive. “There. Don’t touch this door,” he says while putting his bag back on his shoulders and bringing his rifle to bear.
Falchion sees a door start to open near one of her fireteams just before a grenade flies out of it. She yells at them to move just in time. One of them catches a minor injury, but avoids the worst of it. Falchion opens fire on the sergeant as she comes out, joined by Max and his squad to support.
Rhel and his squad catch fire from their end of the compound. They take a few minor hits, but manage to free up that end of the compound from any danger in short order. He goes about clearing the rest of the rooms on that end of the facility to ensure no further surprises. Korbin comes in behind Rhel, covering the north end of the facility while Rhel clears the rooms.
Arcturus orders his squad to cover on either side of him, opening fire on the entrenched enemies. He pointedly puts every shot on the squad leader that downed him, managing to put a blaster bolt through the his protective face shield.
Max shoots the sergeants blaster rifle from her hands. She immediately pulls her baton free and squares herself off in the doorway, ready to move back into cover.
Falchion pulls her vibrosword free, activating it as she says, “This ones mine.”
Max nods, signalling to his squad to keep their rifles at the ready. Falchions squad moves away from the sergeant, clearing the way.
Falchion approaches the woman, sword held out slightly from her body. It crackles through the air like a bolt of lightning. The sergeant raises her baton to parry, knocking Falchions blow aside and striking at her ribs. Falchion jumps back and avoids the blow, swinging the sword toward the sergeants head as she does. The jump throws her strike off, but she still catches the woman on her shoulder.
The sergeant swings again, missing her mark as Falchion steps in to close the gap. With one smooth motion, she drives her sword straight through the sergeants rib cage, giving it a twist as she pulls it free.
Falchion gives the blade a flourish as she turns it off, stepping away as the sergeant drops to her knees, collapsing forward with her last breath.
Arcturus yells out from his cover at the surviving enemies. “Last chance. Surrender now or you’ll die like your comrades!”
The incoming blaster fire trickles to a stop within a matter of seconds. The Absolution crew ceases their own fire but remains at the ready, waiting.
The silence stretches, feeling like hours. A man stands up, his rifle held over his head hesitantly. After a few moments, another man stands up in similar fashion. A woman beside them, then more begin to come out from behind the facilities equipment.
They are quickly relieved of their weapons and sat down in the courtyard to wait.
As the shuttles begin to fly in for their exfil, Falchion looks around at the crew of the Absolution and sighs as she says “Next time, let’s just knock an asteroid out of orbit and call it a day.”
A small explosion at the north of the facility punctuates her statement. A blackened droid stumbles out of the room that Rhel booby-trapped, stumbling about as if dazed.
“That was my last can of hairspray,” a member of Siren’s, one of Rhel’s fire teams, mutters darkly, glaring at his back.



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