Star Wars: Requiem

Thyferrian Bacta Crisis


Shortly after jumping to hyperspace, Captain Jaster Solaris pulls up the ships inventory and available credits. The losses prior to The Price of Failure have drained much of their resources and even the credits earned from rescuing Senator Androom Reevan’s daughter are not enough to fully restore their power.
They needed a job, and quickly. There wouldn’t be enough time to be picky. It just needed to pay well.
He opens up a secure connection to check available missions, sorting it by best paying.
By a landslide, he picks out the top mission. A rougue element on Thyferra, a planet known primarily for its part in Bacta trade, seeking to retake the power they once held in the trade before an internal government affair took all power from them and granted it to another group, the Ashern Circle. The Bacta Cartel, as it was known in certain circles, had attempted several coupes, though none nearly so quiet as the one led by the Ashern Circle. Bloodshed had driven up the price of Bacta over the years since the beginning of the Clone Wars and even the rise of the Empire had not proven enough to end it.
“Sounds like a jackpot to me,” Jaster muttered to himself, standing from his commanders seat aboard the bridge of the Absolution. “Set course for Thyferra,” he ordered, excusing himself from the bridge. He needed to get as much information as he could before he briefed the crew, and he only had a few days of hyperspace travel to do so.



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