Star Wars: Requiem

The Price of Failure Part Two


Maximillian von Graff and Arcturus Halcyon, having just dispatched the female bounty hunter, make their way back inside of the building. They quickly encounter the small group of Gamorreans from before, all huddled together in the darkness. Their lack of understanding of events has translated itself into fear, making them easy to manipulate. With only a little probing, they manage to convince one of the porcine aliens to lead them to the captive Rodian.
At the front of the building, Captain Jaster Solaris and his group quickly tend to their wounds before hopping over a reception desk and through a door leading into a hallway. Before they can all enter, however, Korbin Vex and Falchion happen to hear heavy boot steps coming from outside. Suspecting they belong to curious Stormtroopers, Korbin decides to approach them himself, posing as a lackey of Teemo. With Falchion backing him up, he tries to convince them that Teemo is in danger and needs their help. Their lack of concern for the Hutt becomes evident quickly, even more so when they demand to know where the prisoner is.
With open Comlinks, Korbin tells the Stormtrooper Sergeant that the prisoner was moved back aboard the ship in order to keep her safe. Without hesitation, they rush down the hall and towards the landing pad out back.
Meanwhile, Rhel Reytal, who has made his way into the communications hub of the palace, manages to get auxiliary power restored to the room. Quickly slicing into the computers, he checks recent communications logs and finds that the Hutt has been in contact with an Imperial class starship very recently. With everything they have learned, they agree that the Empire funded the kidnapping of the Senators daughter through the Hutt and have come to pick her up themselves under guise of a routine patrol.
Max and Arcturus manage to get the Rodian girl, Navo Reevan, into the communications hub before the Stormtroopers manage to make their way to the workshop. Using a disguise kit, they quickly make her look like the female bounty hunter before everyone walks out the front door.
Once outside, they notice that their recent activities have drawn attention to the building. Gamorreans are beginning to move closer, confused about lack of outgoing communication from the building as well as the lack of power evident in it. Their confusion about the building holds up long enough for them to leave without being harassed.
They push along the north of the city, Navo following close being Captain Solaris. As they reach the water tower, however, they find that a group of Gamorreans have blocked off the road they need to take to leave. Looking for another route quickly becomes hopeless as a group of Stormtroopers makes their way up the only other main road.
Arcturus rushes towards them, trying to prevent them from getting anywhere near Navo and the rest of the group. He invents a story about ‘sketchy people’ near the Dewback stables that they don’t buy into. They start to call into their Sergeant while he expands his story to include a potential threat to Teemo and his palace. They start to head back towards the palace, knowing their sergeant is inside, until they manage to get a hold of him. Arcturus is just close enough to hear the order to secure the other landing bay to prevent anyone from leaving. The Stormtroopers start running for the other road, and their way out.
Without a moments hesitation, the rest of the group sets up a position and goes to open fire on the Gamorreans and the Stormtroopers, their concern with causing a scene outweighed by their need to get off planet.
The Stormtroopers, however, manage to see the ambush before it can spring and open fire, catching Falchion in the shoulder before blaster fire opens up on them. Falchion hits one of them, earning a grunt, before Rhel shoots through the supports of the water tower, dropping the same one that Falchion hit. Max folds in behind Rhel and gets another shot off, dropping one of the Gamorreans.
Arcturus rushes up from behind the Stormtroopers and hits them from behind, taking out a Stormtrooper and a Gamorrean with a pair of well placed shots.
Captain Solaris dives out into the street, hitting the last Gamorrean in the center of its chest, dropping it to the ground.
The last standing Stormtrooper lines up a shot between the girders supporting the water tower and fires, grazing Max’s shoulder. Max returns the shot, making a point of putting the round between the troopers eyes and dropping him hard.
Without wasting a moment, the group rushes for the landing bay. Korbin gets back into the Vokovo, the rest of the group loading into Shadow Dancer, Navo Reevan in tow.
Solaris fires up the ship and flies it up and away, exiting the atmosphere as quickly as possible. Before he can jump to hyperspace, however, their ship is hailed by two squads of TIE fighters, ordering their descent back to the planet in order to confirm their cargo. As Solaris reaches for the key to respond, however, a large black ship bursts out of hyperspace ahead of them and wastes no time in gunning down the TIE’s with it’s massive turbolasers. As Shadow Dancer draws close enough, its tags come up in the computer, listing it as Absolution. The crew hails the small freighter and Captain Solaris replies, inquiring about repairs even while flying the YT-2400 into a docking position.
Korbin lands his fighter inside of the hangar, finding only four other Cutlass-9’s remaining aboard the ship.
Captain Solaris makes his way to the bridge, Navo Reevan nearly glued to him as he orders a jump back into hyperspace immediately over comms.
The rest of the crew head for their posts. Whether in troop quarters or engineering or starfighters quarters, they all notice faces missing from their numbers.
Missing pieces of equipment, depleted stores of materials, six starfighters missing, and dozens dead remind them all of the price of failure.

The Absolution drops out of hyperspace near Christophsis. They are quickly hailed by Senator Androom Reevan who, having been watching the incoming signals and recognizing the Absolution returning, was already aboard a shuttle on his way to meet them.
Captain Solaris meets him in the hangar with the senator’s daughter immediately behind him. She rushes into his arms as soon as he steps out of the shuttle, her father in little better state emotionally.
The senator tells Solaris that, because the terms were not met, he has decided that half of the agreed funds will be paid. Despite his need for the funds after the debacle that unfolded, Solaris does not argue, but instead informs the senator of the Empire’s involvement with his daughters kidnapping and advises him to send his family into hiding in order to keep them from being used against him. There is a moment of silence before Androom finally thanks the captain and retreats back into the shuttle, returning to his planet.



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