Star Wars: Requiem

The Price of Failure Part One


Captain Jaster Solaris drops the ship out of hyperspace on the edge of Tatooine airspace. A quick check of the radar quickly manages to locate the bounty hunters Firespray on a straight course for Tatooine. He decides to follow it in, as there isn’t enough room left for them to intercept.
Clearance from Mos Shuuta air control allows them to land Shadow Dancer and Vokovo at Landing Bay Aurek, the larger of the two hangars. The Firespray, surprisingly, doesn’t aim for the other landing bay, but rather a larger building just south of the second hangar.
While making their way through the city, the crew finds that there are several Gamorrean squads patrolling, as well as an entire squad of Stormtroopers, mostly gathered at the other landing bay. This much opposition presses them into striving for stealth and keeps them from drawing too much attention.
The group makes their way towards the large building and begins to ask about what it is. After being met with some amount of hostility from the locals and finally managing to discover that it belongs to a Hutt named Teemo, Korbin Vex makes his way around the building to look around the back end, hoping to see the ship they had followed in. Successfully finding the Firespray on a landing pad behind the palace, the group decides to head for a local cantina to discuss how to get in and get the client’s daughter out.
An overheard conversation from the next table over gets the attention of Falchion. The crew quickly realizes that the voices they are hearing belong to the bounty hunters who took their clients daughter. Rhel Reytal is sent to follow them, the rest of the crew following behind him.
The bounty hunters make their way to Teemo’s palace, the Gamorrean’s at the door allowing the male Twi’lek and female Human to pass without issue. Arcturus Halcyon and Maximillian von Graff manage to bluff their way past the Gamorrean brutes at the gate by pretending to be arms dealers with an appointment to see Teemo.
Once inside, they make their way towards a backroom that they suspect has access to the landing pad out back. They again bluffing their way past Gamorrean guards, this time by pretending to be the mercenaries heading out to grab the daughter. The porcine aliens seem confused for some reason, but allow them to pass.
They begin to search the ship, triggering a silent alarm that alerts the bounty hunters. The female Human comes out and demands to know who they are and what they are doing. Arcturus manages to convince her that they work for Teemo and are inspecting the bounty hunters vehicle. She believes them, but remains behind to oversee their search.
With her guiding them, they quickly discover that the clients daughter is no longer aboard the ship.
Meanwhile, outside of the palace, Rhel and Korbin begin inspecting the outside of the building, hoping to find a way to create a distraction. Falchion and Captain Solaris keep watch over the alley that they ducked into.
Without much issue, Rhel finds a series of power cables that lead into the building. He quickly makes his way to the junkyard just across the pavilion and scrounges up a long metal bar. By communicating with Max, who is far enough away from the female bounty hunter to not be easily heard, they time their attack on the bounty hunter with the rest of the crew cutting the power, using the bar as a lever to sever the wires.
Max shoots her communicator immediately, and blocks off her escape. She manages to get a shot off and hits Max just as Arcturus hits her with a stun round that immediately drops her to the pad. They quickly bundle her back aboard the ship and stow her away in one of the prisoner pods.
As the power shuts down, the two Gamorrean’s at the gate go inside to investigate the disturbance. Captain Solaris and the rest of the crew go inside, finding the building almost pitch black. Korbin attempts to slip past them but instead stumbles into one of the brutes that had been guarding the doorway. He is knocked back just before blaster fire erupts from over his shoulder, dropping two of the Gamorreans immediately. The brute ignites his Vibroax and catches Korbin just under the ribs. A quick block keeps Korbin from being opened up, but sends him flying a few feet back towards the rest of the group. He takes cover behind a wall before removing his own blaster and sending his own shots flying.
A third Gamorrean goes down just as the brute charges for Korbin. Captain Solaris jumps in between them, only barely managing to block it himself. The action is enough, however, and allows the rest of the crew to open fire at nearly point black range and drop the massive Gamorrean to the ground.



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