Star Wars: Requiem

The Price of Failure


After a failed mission to defend the daughter of a Senator, Captain Solaris and a small crew set out to hunt down the bounty hunter responsible for taking her.  Hoping to intercept the bounty hunter before  he reaches his client, Captain Solaris has only taken a small freighter, Shadow Dancer, and a Cutlass-9 starfighter to rescue the captive and return her safely to her father.
Most of the ships armory was used in the defense mission.  Several members of the crew were injured and no few of the groups starfighters were put out of commission.  Captain Solaris has left the bulk of his crew behind with enough credits to begin repairs, taking only enough to see the small crew through the rescue mission and out the other side.
With their failure lurking over their shoulders, it is all the group can hope for that they can successfully return the clients daughter safely in the hopes that any of their payment will remain.



Jason_Gilbertson Jason_Gilbertson

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